Prof. Ashraf El Sayed El Arabi Abdel Fattah

Prof. Ashraf El Sayed El Arabi Abdel Fattah

President of INP &Former Minister of planning



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Message from the President of the Institute

The Institute of National Planning (INP) established according to the law no. 231 for the year 1960 as a public institution with an independent legal personality that performs a scientific activity to support the approach and thought of the scientific planning in Egypt through research, consulting, training and educational activities. Moreover, through spreading thought and fixing firmly the planning work in all the national institutions plus spreading the planning culture in the Egyptian society. To complete the legislative structure of the INP, law no.13 for 2015 of the INP was issued while its implementing regulation was issued on 17-12-2016 to keep pace with the latest updates and developments in the similar scientific and academic institutions.

The institute has been supporting sustainable development in Egypt since its founding. The institute was provided with the necessary human and material capabilities and sent numerous scholarships to students all over the world to obtain scientific degrees in various specialties. The institute has also recruited leading scientists in the field of development and planning to transfer their experience and knowledge to the institute. There are numerous areas of collaboration with international and regional organizations, as well as numerous scientific institutes on all global and regional levels.

In line with the strategic plan of the institute, the annual work program of the institute includes a set of scientific activities, the most important of which is the research plan, which includes collective and individual research, reference books, scientific reports, policy studies, the academic master's program in planning and development, the professional master's program in planning for sustainable development, the most important areas of training and consulting that the institute can provide, in addition to the professional master's program in planning for sustainable development, as well as programs that can be offered by various scientific centers in the field of community service. This is in addition to a number of important scientific events, including the annual international conference, a Tuesday symposium, an expert meeting, a symposium of young researchers, scientific seminars, and workshops.

The INP President

Prof. Ashraf El Sayed El Arabi Abdel Fattah