Category: Workshops
Start Date: Monday 26, August , 2019
End Date: Thursday 29, August , 2019
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The third workshop entitled: The general framework of social inclusion

Workshops on “Decentralization and Social Inclusion” for members of the Egyptian House of Representatives at the National Planning Institute continue within the framework of the main directions of the sustainable development strategy: Vision 2030.

Within the framework of the implementation of the project of building the capacity of members of the Egyptian House of Representatives in the areas of "decentralization and social inclusion", the National Planning Institute organized a two-day workshop on 26-27 August for distinguished members of the General Secretariat of the House of Representatives in the presence of Prof. Dr. Alaa Zahran - Chairman of the Institute and Prof. Dr. / Khaled Attia - Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies entitled "the general framework of social inclusion".

The workshop dealt with a number of topics, including the concept, issues and dimensions of social inclusion, government financial management and social accountability as an entry point for social inclusion, tools for implementing social inclusion, and the localization of the goals of sustainable development and social inclusion