Q: How can I benefit from scientific seminars?

A: The Institute's website and attendance can be monitored at the mentioned time in the Institute.

Q: Does the Institute provide scientific advice in the fields of planning?

A: The Institute provides consultations through the Training and Consultancy Center.

Q: What are the free training programs offered by the Institute?

A: If you are a government employee in any governorate you can contact the Department of Training in the province to identify the programs and dates.

Q: What programs does the Institute offer?

A: There are specialized programs in the computer and short diplomas - training programs for the provinces - contractual training programs.

Q: How can I benefit from the Institute's research?

A: You can access the research site and get a summary or if you want to get a full search you can coordinate with the management of the Institute to learn the material cost.

Q: What are the prerequisites for Master?