Date: Wednesday 17, February , 2021

The National Planning Institute launches community service programs recorded on its YouTube channel in the context of coexistence with the Corona pandemic

The Institute of National Planning has begun registering a set of community service programs as part of the institute's training and community service efforts, and in light of coexisting with the Corona pandemic, provided that the contents of these programs are published on the institute's social media channels.

In this regard, the National Planning Institute held the first community service program entitled "Small Projects in Egypt and the Coronavirus Crisis (Challenges and Opportunities)", prepared and implemented by the Institute's Planning and Industrial Development Center.

The program was implemented by Prof. Mai Mustafa Awad, assistant teacher at the Center for Planning and Industrial Development, Prof. Marwa Saudi is a teaching assistant at the Center for Planning and Industrial Development, and the program addressed the definition of small enterprises, their importance, the challenges resulting from the Corona crisis, how they can be faced, the opportunities resulting from the Corona crisis, and how they can be used.