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Start Date: Tuesday 09, June , 2020
End Date: Tuesday 09, June , 2020
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The first book For graduates of academic masters The National Planning Institute (2008-2018)

The Department of Higher Studies at the National Planning Institute is pleased to announce the issuance of the first book for graduates of the Academic Master of the Institute (Planning and Development) from its inception in 2008 and until 2018, as part of the celebration held by the Institute for its graduates during ten years, and was attended by both Professor / Hala Al-Saeed - Minister of Planning and Economic Development and Prof. Dr. / Mohamed Moait - Minister of Finance and Prof. Dr. Alaa Zahran - President of the Institute and Professor Dr. Khaled Attia - Vice-President of the Institute for Research and Higher Studies, where the Institute’s administration honored the graduates and confirmed their communication with the House of Knowledge from which we have drawn It is the National Planning Institute as ambassadors to it in their different workplaces.

To download the book, please go to the accompaniments below the image: