National Planning” concludes a training program for employees of the National Population Council on “geographic information systems and their various applications”

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The Institute of National Planning concluded a training program entitled “Geographic Information Systems and its various applications” for 20 trainees from the National Population Council, which was held from May 14 to 18, 2023, with the participation of a group of professors and experts at the Institute.

In this context, Prof. Ashraf Salah El-Din, Vice President of the Institute for Training, Consultation and Community Service, explained that the training program is a continuation of the efforts made by the Institute of National Planning in developing human capabilities, raising the efficiency of workers in the state’s administrative apparatus, and building and enhancing their knowledge and creative capabilities in various fields. The program also aims to Raising participants’ awareness of the importance of geographic information systems in various fields, and developing their mental and professional skills in using the various tools of geographic information systems in entering and analyzing data and supporting decision-making in various fields.

Salah El-Din added that the training program dealt with several axes, as the first axis included identifying the concept of geographic information systems and its importance in various fields of development, while the second axis dealt with the introduction and modification of geographical databases, while the third axis focused on spatial analysis using information systems tools. geo.

Dr. continued. Salah El-Din stated that the fourth axis included output, display and decision-making for various projects, while the fifth axis shed light on geographic information systems and their role in preparing strategic plans for sustainable development.

The Vice President of the Institute of National Planning pointed out that this training program helps to make the best decision in the fastest time, and also helps in disseminating information to a larger number of beneficiaries.

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