INP Board

Prof. Hala El Said

Minister of Planning and ُEconomic Development and the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Institute.

Prof. Ashraf El Arabi

President of National Planning Institute

Prof. Ashraf Salah ElDin

Vice President of INP for Training & Consultations and Community Service

Prof. Hala Abou-Ali

Vice President of INP for Researches & Post Graduate Studies

General. Khairat Barakat

President of Central Agency for Public Mobilization & Statistics.

Prof. Ahmed Kamally

Deputy Minister of Planning and Economic Development

Prof. Abdel Aziz Hashem

Advisor to the Minister of Finance for Institutional Development

Prof. Ibrahim Ali Sarhan

Chairman of the Board and Managing Director of

Dr. Alaa ElDin Esmat

Secretary General of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce

Prof. Saad Nassar

Senior Advisor to H.E Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation.

Prof. Maged Ibrahim Othman

Director of the Egyptian Center for Opinion Research - Former Minister of Communications and Information Technology

Prof. Mohamed Latif

Former Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Universities

Mr. Hisham El-Khazindar

Co-founding Qalaa Holdings

Prof. Waled El Zawawy

Secretary General of the Council of Research Centers and Institutes

Prof. Amal Zakria Mohamed Amer

Director of Regional Development Center

Prof. Sahar Ibrahim Al-Bahaai

Director of Planning & Agricultural Development Center

Prof. Nevine Makram Labib

Director of Social and Culture Planning Center

Prof. Basmah Moharam

Director of Planning Techniques Center

Prof. Heba Saleh Magheeb

Director of Industrial Planning and Developmentment Indust

Prof. Naglaa Harb Said

Director of International Economic Relations

Prof. Khaled Zakaria Amin

Director of Macro-Economics Policies Center

Prof. Khaled Abdul Aziz

Director of Planning and Environmental Development Center