About Us

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Who We Are

Institute of National Planning

The Institute of National Planning was established in 1960 to improve Egypt’s scientific planning methodology and ideas. The Institute has invited the world’s finest specialists in development and planning to share their expertise and knowledge.

For more than five decades, the Institute’s publications in the field of research addressed all major economic, social, cultural, and knowledge-development challenges.

The Institute’s training contributions varied and included many different categories and sectors, as well as strategic and non-traditional features to promote growth.

Our Vision

To be a pioneering and impactful think tank at the national and regional levels, while maintaining distinctive global presence.

Our Mission

To provide comprehensive, evidence-based research, training, education, consultation, and community services that strengthen societal capabilities, and enhance policy-making and decision-making in the fields of planning and development.

Our Values

Diversity, Innovation, Sustainability.

Our Strategic Objectives

  1. Enhancing the quality of evidence-based research activities and future foresight in accordance with national priorities and global trends.
  2. Strengthening capacities and qualifying planning professionals and cadres at both central and local levels.
  3. Providing accredited academic and professional postgraduate programs in the fields of planning and sustainable development, aimed at producing qualified professionals to support policy-makers and decision-makers at all levels.
  4. Expanding and diversifying competitive consultancy services provided by INP to governmental, private, civil, and international entities.
  5. Promoting INP national, regional, and international existence through effective partnerships in its operational domains.
  6. Developing the human and material resources of INP, along with enhancing institutional and technological frameworks, to strengthen financial sustainability, quality, governance, and community service activities.

Law No. 13 of 2015

Official Gazette