The Institute of National Planning Hosts Delegation of UNIDO Experts

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A team from the Institute of National Planning (INP), headed by Prof. Alaa Zahran, Former President of the INP, hosted a delegation of experts from the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) led by Dr. Patrick Gilbert, UNIDO Representative in Egypt to discuss cooperation opportunities within the framework of the TIGARA project (Transforming Innovation, Governance, and Access to Markets in Egypt).

The meeting included a presentation for INP’s key activities and achievements and the main findings of the INP’s 2023 report, “Deepening Local Industrialization in Egypt,” which culminated from three years of research and analysis of the Egyptian manufacturing sector.

During the meeting, both parties explored potential collaborations aligned with the TIGARA project, including: Coordinating among stakeholders involved in deepening Egyptian industrialization, supporting Egypt in developing a national policy for manufacturing and industrial innovation, enhancing the quality infrastructure to strengthen Egyptian enterprises’ capabilities in manufacturing and quality compliance with regional and international standards, providing technical assistance to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in innovation and digital transformation, developing training programs and enhancing the institutional capacity of institutions working in manufacturing in Egypt. Concluding the meeting, both sides reaffirmed their commitment to solidify their cooperation towards achieving the TIGARA project’s goals, and emphasized the significance of joint efforts in supporting Egypt’s industrial development.

The UNIDO delegation also included: Fabio Russo, Chief, SME Competitiveness and Job Creation Unit, Dr. Anders Isaksson, Chief, Capacity Development and Policy Advice Unit, Christoph Hammer, Industrial Policy Analyst, Ebe Muschialli, Industrial Development Analyst, Tomoyoshi Koume, Director, Technical Cooperation and Sustainable Industrial Development, Nikolaus Martys, Project Associate, Division of Digitalization Transformation and AI Strategies, Steven Lee, Industry and Economic Strategy Consultant and Ahmed Rezk, Deputy Country Director, UNIDO Egypt.

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