The Institute of National Planning opens the second session of the “Professional Diploma in Governance and Sustainable Development” training program for employees of the Ministry of Health and Population

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Based on the Institute of National Planning’s keenness to raise the efficiency of the state’s administrative apparatus, promote investment in human capital, and build their knowledge and creative capabilities in various fields, and as a continuation of what was successfully implemented in the first session, the Institute launched the second session of the “Professional Diploma in Governance and Sustainable Development” training program. For 27 trainees from the Ministry of Health and Population, which will be held from May 6 to June 3, 2023.

The training program is implemented under the supervision of Dr. Ahmed Ashour, assistant professor at the Center for Macroeconomic Policy and scientific coordinator of the program.


In this context, Prof. Ashraf Salah El-Din, Vice President of the Institute for Training, Consultation and Community Service, explained that the training program includes several axes. Sustainable Development Strategy 2030.


The second axis deals with “governance in the health sector”, which includes concepts, backgrounds and indicators of governance and transparency, and their relationship to sustainable development, as well as governance and transparency in the health sector, as well as the requirements for improvement and development.


Prof. Salah El-Din said that the third axis includes “risk management in the health sector”, which deals with how to manage health risks in terms of concepts, backgrounds, characteristics and indicators, as well as challenges and variables affecting the management of health risks, and reviewing ways to develop plans and policies for managing them, as well as monitoring and evaluating them.


While the fourth axis is concerned with “internal auditing to enhance governance and transparency” by highlighting issues related to internal auditing in the health sector, in terms of concepts, principles, objectives, standards, tools and ethics of internal auditing nationally and internationally.


It is worth noting that the training program is implemented for two training groups during the months of May and June, with the participation of a group of professors and experts at the Institute. within agencies and institutions.

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