Vice President of the National Planning Institute for Research and Graduate Studies inspects the work of professional and academic master’s exams

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Prof. Dr. Hala Sultan Abu Ali, Vice President of the National Planning Institute for Research and Graduate Studies, inspected the progress of the examination process at the Institute for the Academic Master in Planning and Development, and the Professional Master in Planning for Sustainable Development, which began on Friday, January 13, 2023 and will continue for two weeks during Friday and Saturday of each week to end on Saturday, January 21, 2023.

For its part, Abu Ali was keen to ensure that all measures are taken to ensure the creation of an appropriate climate for students within the committees, provide them with all means of comfort, safety and support, maintain the calm and discipline of the committees, and emphasize the need for the presence of specialized professors of subjects within the committees to answer students’ inquiries and questions and solve any problem that may arise during the exams.

It is worth mentioning that the implementation of the master’s program has started from the academic year 2008/2009 with the aim of preparing distinguished cadres in the field of planning and development and qualified to deal with international and local changes in their organizations, whether governmental or non-governmental, with the aim of developing them, improving their efficiency and increasing their effectiveness, by providing an innovative educational and training environment that blends knowledge, scientific experiences and applied practices and provides elements of creativity and future vision that achieve excellence.

The objectives of the program combine the following: – Developing all skills related to planning and development – Refinement of expertise and applied skills – Master’s scholarships as a scientific degree recognized by the Supreme Council of Universities

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