International Conference of the Institute of National Planning (INP) “Governance and Sustainable Development”

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The Institute of National Planning is organizing an international conference on “Governance and Sustainable Development” in cooperation with School of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University – SIPA/Columbia, taking place in Cairo on June 3-4, 2023. The conference aims to discuss the developments and challenges of employing governance to support sustainable development at the macro and sectoral levels and in various institutions, whether governmental, business or civil organizations. In addition, papers reviewing and analyzing the most important experiences, best practices and lessons learned from governance applications to support sustainable development according to the global and regional experiences are encouraged. Furthermore, alternative policies and options to support the role of governance in improving the management of sustainable development will be devised. The topics presented at the conference are classified into five main themes, each of which discusses a range of issues as follows:
First Theme: Conceptual and Methodological Issues on the Relationship between Governance and Sustainable Development.
Second Theme: Approaches to Strengthening Governance Mechanisms for Achieving Sustainable Development.
Third Theme: Role of Governance in Supporting the Economic Dimension of Sustainable Development.
Fourth Theme: Role of Governance in Supporting the Social Dimension of Sustainable Development.
Fifth Theme: Role of Governance in Supporting the Environmental Dimension of Sustainable Development.
Registration and Contact

To register in the conference and submit a research proposal/ paper, please visit the conference web page at the Egyptian Knowledge Bank website through the following link:

Or by using the following QR Code:

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