The third episode of the expert meeting season 2017/2018: “the new administrative capital”

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Within the framework of the scientific activity of the National Planning Institute, the third session of the “Meeting of Experts” for the scientific season 2017/2018 was held on Tuesday, 12/12/2017, on the “New Administrative Capital” in the presence of a number of experts from outside the Institute in addition to a number of Professors of the Institute, the attendees have stressed the importance of this topic and there were in-depth discussions and dialogues on the background paper presented by d. Hamed Hattal, Emeritus Professor at the Regional Development Center of the Institute.


Prof.Dr. Adel isn Muharram

Professor of Architecture, Ain Shams University

Prof.Dr. Ibtihal Ahmed Abdel Moaty

Head of the Department of Regional and Urban Development, Faculty of Regional and Urban Planning, Cairo University

Prof.Dr. Magda Ikram Obeid

Professor of Architecture, Institute of Environmental Studies and Research, Ain Shams University

Prof.Dr. محمد سمير مصطفي Free Membership

Professor of Economics, Center for Environmental Development

Prof.Dr. خالد زكريا أمين Free Membership

Director of the Center for Macroeconomic Policies

Prof. Dr. Ahmed Albakli

Director of the Regional Development Center

Dr.. Hope of Zakaria

Assistant Professor, Regional Development Center
Category: Expert Meeting
Start Date: الثلاثاء 12, ديسمبر , 2017
End Date: الثلاثاء 12, ديسمبر , 2017
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INP Participants
Dr. Hamed Ibrahim El Sayed
Prof. Khaled Zakaria Mohamed
Prof. Ahmed Abd el Aziz Ahmed Elbakly
Dr. Amal Zakaria Mohammed Amer

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