INP is Egypt’s national think tank that supports development and planning activities for decision-makers and policymakers through providing competitive services in research, training, consultancy, education, and community service to promote achieving sustainable development.

INP is willing to revive and expand its mandate, especially consultancy services, on the national level and across the region.

CDAC is a newly established INP center mandated to maximize the value of its internal capabilities, and its exceptional credentials established over the last 63 years.

CDAC is an independent publicly owned and privately managed consultant serving both public and private entities locally and regionally.

CDAC provides a bridge between public sector entities and external local/international consulting firms.

 CDAC enables intelligent decision-making through the provision of timely data-driven economic and business insights and solutions.

CDAC will form a new partnership model with subject matter experts and private sector firms, through Transaction Based Service Agreements.