The Institute of National Planning holds a training program entitled ”Strategic Planning for Human Resources Management” for employees of the National Population Council.

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The Institute of National Planning held a training program under the title “Strategic Planning for Human Resources Management” for 19 trainees from the National Population Council, which will be held from 7 to 11 May 2023.

In this context, Dr. Ashraf Salah El-Din, Vice President of the Institute for Training, Consultation and Community Service, explained that the training program is a continuation of the efforts made by the Institute of National Planning in developing human capabilities and raising their efficiency, pointing out that the program aims to identify the concept of strategic management, and the methods of strategic planning for managing human resources to make it an efficient and effective department.

He pointed out that the training program dealt with several axes, as the first axis includes the concept of strategic planning, its types, definition and applications, in addition to strategic planning for public institutions and its importance.

Dr. Salah El-Din added that the second axis deals with the concept of management and strategic management, its importance to public institutions, analysis of management from a strategic perspective – institutional analysis, in addition to the objectives and elements of strategic management, procedural issues and strategic issues.

This comes as the third axis, according to the statements of the Vice-President of the Institute, focuses on the foundations of effective training and teamwork skills, which dealt with the concept of training and its types, the definition of effective training, its foundations and principles, as well as effective training management, in addition to the importance of teamwork in public institutions, foundations and principles, and skills Teamwork management.

The Vice President of the Institute for Training, Consulting and Community Service added that the fourth axis is related to change management for human resources, by reviewing the concept of change management, the stages of the change management process and its relationship to strategic management, as well as its application in human resource management, resistance to change and how to deal with it, in addition to practical examples. To apply change management in the field of human resources.

It is worth noting that the program includes the organization of a workshop to develop a strategic plan for human resource management, with the participation of a group of professors and experts at the Institute who will be trained in the program.

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