The Institute of National Planning concludes the training program “Governance to Support Transparency, Accountability and Sustainability in Organizations”

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Based on the advisory and training role played by the Planning Institute, the activities of the training program “Governance to Support Transparency, Accountability and Sustainability in Organizations” for a group of employees of the Egyptian Tax Authority, which was held at the Institute from November 13 to 17, 2022, were concluded.
Dr. Ashraf Salah El-Din – Vice President of the Institute for Training, Consulting and Community Service – explained that the training program came within the framework of the Institute’s keenness to build and develop the human capabilities of the state’s administrative apparatus in the areas of governance, sustainable development, administrative reform and others, through cooperation between the Institute of National Planning and all institutions and bodies. government.
Salah El-Din added that the training program included several axes, including defining governance, its principles and its origins, and its relationship to the fields of development, investment and administrative reform in Egypt and indicators of measurement and application, as well as holding applied workshops and brainstorming sessions, case studies, and practical applications of governance in areas of work. Students.

He also indicated that the conference discussed issues, developments and challenges of employing governance to support sustainable development at the macro and sectoral levels and in various institutions, whether governmental, business or private organizations, and reviewed and analyzed the most important experiences, best practices and lessons learned from governance applications to support sustainable development in accordance with global and regional experiences.

It is worth noting that the Institute of National Planning is in the process of organizing a specialized international conference dealing with the issue of “Governance and Sustainable Development”, which will be held in Cairo on the 3rd and 4th of June 2023.

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