Seminar for Young Researchers – Episode Three – Reflection of the Fourth Industrial Revolution on Small and Medium Enterprises (Opportunities and Challenges)

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The Institute of National Planning holds the third episode of a seminar for young researchers entitled:
Reflection of the fourth industrial revolution on small and medium enterprises (opportunities and challenges)

On Tuesday, 17/1/2023 AD, at ten o’clock in the morning
At the Institute’s headquarters in Hall No. (804) on the eighth floor.
Category: Young researchers seminar
Location: بمعهد التخطيط القومي
Start Date: الثلاثاء 17, يناير , 2023
End Date: الثلاثاء 17, يناير , 2023
Link: Click here
INP Participants

ms. Nesma Ahmed Mohamed Abo kamar
Dr. Hebatullah Ahmad Mohammad Ezz

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