Report of the first seminar seminar young researchers “digital economy”

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The first seminar of young researchers was held within the scientific activities of the National Planning Institute for the academic year 2019/2020 on Tuesday, 29/10/2019 at the headquarters of the Institute – e-learning hall and distance education at the seventh floor at ten in the morning, in the presence of a number of professors and members of the National Planning Institute Scientific Associate. Speaking at the Center for Macroeconomic Policy, Prof. Hebatallah Hisham, a lecturer at the Center for Macroeconomic Policy, addressed the topic of digital economy as in the attached presentation.

This seminar of young researchers will discuss the subject of digital economy by applying to Egypt, which is related to several concepts and terminology, including the enormous technology that led to the development of means of communication between individuals and institutions and in turn increased the intensity of competition between producers. The Internet and the speed of information exchange, and the most famous applications of digital economy E-commerce, E-Business, which has the greatest impact on the economic growth of the State.

1. The emergence and concept of digital economy

2. Motives and advantages of the transition to digital economy

3. The most important challenges facing the digital economy

4. Structure of the digital economy

5. Applications of digital economy

6. Egypt and Digital Transformation (Egypt Vision 2030)

7. National Planning Institute (Achievements and Future Vision)
Category: Young researchers seminar
Start Date: الخميس 07, نوفمبر , 2019
End Date: الخميس 07, نوفمبر , 2019
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INP Participants
Mrs. Heba-t Allah Hisham Anwar Hussein
Dr. Mohamed Abdel Fattah Abdel Fattah Maghriby

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