National Planning” holds the first workshop on “Economic Modeling in the Arab Countries” in cooperation with the Arab Planning Institute

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Al-Arabi: The “Economic Modeling” workshop presents contemporary applications of modeling in the fields of growth and development

Based on the interest of both the National Planning Institute and the Arab Planning Institute in promoting and developing economic modeling activity in the Arab countries, the two institutes are holding, within the framework of the joint economic modeling unit, a workshop on “economic modeling in the Arab countries”, during the days of May 13 and 14, 2023, which reflects the partnership between the two institutes, and their keenness to discuss and address planning and development issues at the national, regional, and international levels.

The workshop was inaugurated by Dr. Ashraf Al-Arabi, President of the Institute of National Planning, and Dr. Badr Othman Malallah, Director of the Arab Planning Institute. Over the course of the two days, a group of Arab experts and professors specialized in the field of economic modeling, and a number of those concerned and interested in this matter, will participate and attend.

In this context, Al-Araby began his speech by referring to the importance of the economic modeling unit, as it contributes to setting a reference framework for constructive cooperation and fruitful partnership between the two institutes. It also contributes to preparing various development plans and strategies and supporting the efforts of planners and decision-makers in the Arab region in dealing with various local development issues. regional and international.

The head of the Planning Institute reviewed the themes and topics included in the workshop, including the definition of the joint economic modeling unit in terms of its importance, objectives and work plan.

While Dr. Badr Malallah, Director of the Arab Planning Institute, stressed the importance of this partnership between the two institutes, especially through the framework adopted by the joint economic modeling unit, which aims to provide technical support through studies, research and standard models that support decision-making and the adoption of sound policies in The economies of the Arab region, especially since the Arab countries need this.

It is worth noting that the workshop is held over two days and discusses the role of quantitative models in guiding the development path in the Arab countries through the role of modeling and scientific foresight in formulating long-term development strategies. One of the important themes of the workshop also focuses on recent developments in building models and their implications for the formulation of development policies.

The workshop is also unique in presenting the experience of building an overall standard model for the Egyptian economy, in two stages through the work of the modeling unit at the Institute of National Planning.

It should be noted that last January, the Institute of National Planning signed a memorandum of understanding with the Arab Planning Institute, at the headquarters of the Arab Institute in the State of Kuwait, regarding cooperation in establishing a joint economic modeling unit. The memorandum of understanding defines a clear framework for the areas of work expected to be accomplished, including preparing and designing a set of training programs related to the economic modeling process, and developing the necessary databases for building economic models.

The unit’s tasks also include providing consultations in the areas of evaluation, forecasting, building scenarios, and working on building, developing, and updating the social accounts matrices of the general balance calculator models.

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